Team French Vanilla for Cadburry Sweet Endings Part 2

Who would not want to go to the City of Love?

I would always love to go to Paris. I dreamed of walking in the vicinity of the grandeur and famous Eiffel Tower together with my loved one or my special friends and family. I've been addicted to travel lately and I would always want to go to places I've never been before.
Paris is the number one on my bucket list.

I want to wear the most fashionable items and the most signature brand that can be bought in Europe.
Whether it is Prada bags, or Versace clothes, and to dine on the most cozy English breakfast restaurant like the one the one mentioned in the love story film "The Fault in our Stars". I think its perfect based on my imagination.

Or maybe a dinner with my friends on Hard Rock Cafe Paris.

We'll go on a city tour and walk and walk as we appreciate the beauty of the surroundings. We might go hungry and once in a while we will eat our chocolate bar to cap out our tired body and hungry stomach. We'll go with the new Cadbury Dairy Milk French Vanilla. We love Vanilla flavor so much whether it is for a drink, cake or chocolates. Go #TeamFrenchVanilla. Go Cadbury Dairy Milk.