How will you spend #MerrySMChristmas in your inaanak?

29 days before Christmas.
How do you celebrate Christmas? As for Cheska and her kids, this short clip may touch you.

 Do you feel the rush? Have you already bought gift for your inaanak? If not yet, this is the time for you to buy. A lot of malls go on sale today.  Took the time and filled your buying list.

Every year I have this long list of all my inaanak aligned with their age plus the gifts I have to bought for them. I almost do these every year and sometimes I get too tired I'm not be able to do it anymore this year.  I really wanted to avoid the Christmas shopping so I early bought Christmas gifts. Aside from wrapped gifts, I wanted to share my time with them coz I'm not able to do so because of my busy schedule.

Christmas as they say is for children. Because on this time of year, they received a lot of money and gifts from the elders. Christmas is not just only wrapped gifts, warm greetings, and gathering, this meant also giving our quality time. I don't have the luxury of time to visit them and they not also have the chance to visit me either, so I will took the holiday seasons to be with them. Since SM Malls are all around the corner and it's the most convenient way to spend our holiday. I planned to  bring them here (those who are not babies anymore!) to SM Malls. Here, we can go to eat, play, and watch movies. Celebrating with them are much worthy to be treasured than material things, right? I hope those kids wouldn't mind either. Besides, experience stay on the mind longer than any other things.

To know more of  Christmas activities you can do at SM Malls, you can
visit here They have a lot of activities they can offer on your area.

Christmas are far more special celebrating with our loved ones. More than precious gifts and life's pleasures, we really wanted to extend our help and gratitude to the people around us.

As what the lyrics on the Christmas song  "Give Love on Christmas Day"

No greater gift
Is there than love
What the world
Needs is love
Yes, the world
Needs your love

To share our love to our Filipino brethren and to all the victims of Yolanda let us share our blessings this year by Give a Bear of Joy Today.

This is a caring gestures we can share to all the Filipino children who lost their family and home.
This might help them to begin their new lives. So, let us support SM Cares, a division of SM Foundation Inc. in their generous vision. May God bless those who love to give and share.


  1. Yes, christmas is the time of sharing! Have a #MerrySMChristmas too :)
    The Promdi Boy Adventures


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