Her Story

Information Technology is an interesting course on our ever changing society today. The first reason why she chooses her career is because she foresees that the world will be different. As a child, she is fond of watching sci-fi movies which involves computer and technology. But her interest sudden changes after she graduated. She enter the world of education knowing she does not have enough skills and experience.  She was lucky enough to be accepted as a teacher though she was a fresh graduate. She always wanted to teach since she was a child. She have high respect on  teachers. On her  school days, she would love to stare and listened carefully to all her teachers as if imagining she is the one who is speaking upfront.
It is more important to her to take small steps to the path she always wanted to go. From then, she leave the IT industry which she only had for a few months. She became a teacher to a known  International computer school in the country. She teaches programming and database subject. She also handles research and thesis subject. She is more engages on student programs and school activities.
She enter the world of the academe and lasted there for about five years. No one knows she will stayed that long. Maybe because of her great passion, the love to her students and the fulfillment she received from it.  While teaching, she took up her masters to her Alma Mater, Technological University of the Philippines. She take up  Masters of Information Technology. Unfortunately she is unable to finish her final project and unable to graduate. She shift her focus on her work instead to provide more help on her family. She is planning to continue her study soon as long as she regained the motivation to go back to school again. She has to prepare herself also  financially. All these things contributed in succeeding on that profession. But because she wants to improve her living, she decided to take a big step that will change her life.
She enters the IT industry for two years as a Java Developer at Smart Communications. She left the job and enter IBM as an ETL Developer. But because of the need in circumstances, she decided to take the new role as a Quality Assurance Analyst.
But because she has a passion on teaching, from time to time she is conducting part time classes on university like La Salle Araneta University and  Pamantasan Lungsod ng Valenzuela. Afterwards she stopped to give way to her new career. Right now, she is working at Safeway as an Application Support. She keeps on striving harder not just to earn money but to learn new technologies as well.

As we grow older, we faces different kind of hardships. When we're younger our common interest is just simple like what will we watch after we have gone from school, what we're going to buy on school break time, what stuff we want to buy, and what toys we want to play with our friends. But now, our issues in life become complex. 

She has a vivid memories in the past. As a child, she is quite dependent when it comes to her homework.  But she doesn’t not go to school alone. She is either with her little sister or her mother accompanying her. But later on she managed to take care of her sister and herself. She is known in the school because of the academic excellence she gained ever since she started studying. She knows that it is easy to excel in anything when you have placed a good impression from the start. She is a bit competitive when she is challenged.

When she was growing up, she loves to go on a Sunday school. She reads the bible, she prays a lot and  grow up fearing God. On her youth, she spends most of her time engaging on church activities like youth camp, fund raising, and attending seminars and fellowship.

She loves to read books. On her college days, before going home she will drop by on a bookstore to buy some book from the money she had saved. She is fond of inspirational stories and self-help books. She applies what she learned from it.

When the time she is able to do what she wants. She save her earnings to go for a travel. Whether it is on a nearby town or an out of the country.
She doesn't have any specific talent. But at least she can sing and dance though not that good enough to boast.
She had a lot of friends. But she managed to keep a few until she gets old.
She likes to succeed on all her endeavor. She is a born leader and kind at heart. She loves to be with people.
As she is now on her late twenties, she may have achieved all the things a woman can have in her life.  A good education, a stable job and a good compensation, a great friends and a loving family. I think the only thing that is missing in her life is a family of her own, a husband and some kids. Though she is on a current relationship. She is still keep on praying for God's plan on her life. God knows what is best to her so she is entrusting everything to God.

There are a lot of things waiting for her. Life won't stop in a woman after she marries and have a child. There is a lot of things to discover and learned about. Whether in our field or outside our comfort zone,  There are so many things to do and so much things to achieve for. All she have to do is to live the present and never stop aiming for goals.