My Top Choice in Facial : Bioessence Serenity Spa

This is my second time to undergo a facial spa. Oh to be honest, its  the first since the first time I ever tried to have a facial is a complete mess. I was excited about on this beauty regime and I choose this facial spa salon since it is known and trusted by many. I won't mention to protect their name. 

My experience is that when they applied a first base solution (probably theirs) to my face, I suddenly feel a tickling after few seconds  and slowly I feel like my face is burning from the substance and it gives me a little pain. I'm very much afraid that my face would be burn and my face might break out so I abruptly told the facial attendant. She called their dermatologist and ask what I feel and I said that my face feels like burning. They allowed me to wash my face and apply ointment to avoid burn. After that, I no longer visit any facial spa salon.

 I know that my skin is so sensitive that the slightest touch of any chemical substance has a reaction into it. I do have an allergy so I'm careful in choosing soap and facial wash for my face. I have tried a lot of beauty products. One time my friend ask, if I just came from a facial since my face is clear and pimple-free by that time. Maybe because of the product I used or maybe it was just my skin type.

It has been three years since I last visited a facial salon and there you go, an hour ago I visited Bioessence Serenity Spa in Visayas Avenue. It really confused me to go because I have a phobia already but looking into mirror, I know I have aged and I think it's about time to take care of my body and skin. I have booked an appointment three days ago for this Premium-Pass Facial Treatment for the Bioessence 20th Anniversary. I got this voucher from a Blogapalooza held last October 11, 2014 at SMX Aura. We visited the Bioessence booth and I'm glad I got this for free. 

Here is the ambience inside the Bioessence Serenity Spa. The design is quite modern and do not look small. There is a lot of attendants that can accommodate a large enough customers.


 Payments are handles strictly by their cashier. Their is a cashier area on the establishment. It can be seen right after you enter the spa.

There is also Receptionist Lounge Area where you can have your tea or lemon drink while waiting on your turn.

My visit there was awesome. They greeted me the moment I entered. It's nice to know that they have spacious parking space along the Visayas Avenue, perfectly fits for me since my car is still brand new and have no nameplate. I wanted it to be just near my eyesight. (Even though i know I'm not gonna see it inside when I'm doing the facial. Haha.) I'm thankful they do have a bodyguard for security.

After the attendants greeted me, I filled-up a sheet for their Personal Information records.
Then, I go to their dermatologist. She ask me what service will I get and then she check my face. What I remember is, she said that my nose zone is oily while my face is dry. She advised me to take Clarifying Facial for Php680 or a full-facial for Php340. Since I have a tight budget I only wanted to try their basic facial spa. 

The attendant guide me to their room. I entered a two bed facial room. It was not rush hour so there's not a lot of customers and I take the advantage of being solo in
the room. I thought I can sleep well and have a good privacy while I'm having my facial.
I lie on the bed. The attendant is nice and warm to me so we have a good conversation. Her name is Jinky. I'm happy that she answers some of my questions pretty well. I ask her about their service, their products, their branches and she did know well everything.
She started with some facial massage then after she put a solution scrubbing my face,which I barely don't know. Surprisingly it's not what I expected.  It's warm on my face and the fragrance was good.I like the smell. Then, after drying she put another cream, I think it's a facial scrub and she started rubbing my face from nose to ears, and to my face and neck. That was relaxing. I'm trying to sleep but then I can't. I think this is for softening my pores before she start to prick my blackheads and white heads.  


 After that she steamed my face for 10 minutes. Then she started to prick my face. Since I have do pimples, it is slightly painful. I've heard from my friends that most of the time it hurts. Yet on my experience, that's not what I think of. I can tolerate well the pain.

She noticed that I have a lot of warts so she offer me to try their wart removal. She offer me a lower cost compared to other store. I'm amazed so I took the idea and planned to do it nextweek. I do not know if I am only being sales talk but the idea of it comes first when I'm noticing warts on my face. She give me a soap for preventing warts that cost Php250. I took it since  I love to try different kinds of soap aside from the fact that there is no harm in trying. Afterwards, she masked my face for 15 minutes. She let me sleep for a while, since I can't sleep I'll just browse the internet using my mobile phone.

I think it takes an hour that is supposed to be a 30-minute facial as what the dermatologist said. But then I'm hapyp because it'all worth it. When I go outside, they told that I should'nt wash my face tonight and just do it tomorrow instead. Everybody said that and repeated a lot of times. I'm curious why and I just thought that maybe the serum they put will be wash out. I just need to do them anyway I really do not wash my face at night since I'm at work and have no time for  it. Just kidding.

The attendants we're pretty friendly. They offer me to have some drink. I ask for a hot tea.
I asked for a group picture and they we're happy posing with me.


                 Ana, Lorna, Me, Camille, Brenda                                                           Lorna, Jinky(my attendant), Me,Camille, Ana

If you want to experience any of their signature treatments visit any branch of BIOESSENCE.

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