Event: Professional Blogging Summit by #DPOP

I am able to attend the Professional Blogging Summit last October 18, 2014 that held in 2nd Floor A. Venue Mall, Makati Avenue, Makati. I am thankful enough to be invited because this summit help me to expand my knowledge in blogging. Also, thank you to my fellow bloggers who came. We all know that its way hard to go in the venue if you're living far away from this city but after hearing that some of the attendees came from Antipolo and Pasig while I came from Bulacan and my friend was from Fairview. I can say that we really spend our whole Saturday for this event. This is inspiring for a new blogger like me.

When we came, we are welcomed happily. The program was already started but even though there are still few seats left and we are able to find our own. We quietly listened to the speakers afterwards we had given a time to ask questions from the speakers. Some of the bloggers are eager to ask and they are more pro-active so a lot of questions has been raised.
 There are questions like “How do they face their issues?”. It was answered by Ross Flores Del Rosario of Wazzup Pilipinas one of the speaker in this topic “Maintaining a Professional Bloggers and Social Media Specialists Network”. He was awarded as one of the Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs of 2013. Before he started as a contributor for a Community blog that later on expose him to a lot of opportunities. He said that he got also mad but instead to rant and write about it, his response to all those negative issues is to stay quiet and instead invite his enemy to his events and seminars. On this way he might help this blogger to change their thinking and start to be nice and professional in blogging.

Azrael Coladilla also hare his thoughts on how he started his blogging.

Jeoff Solar taught us how to get clients from PR Brands by not approaching them first instead just do your own thing like blogging and eventually you will be recognized. He focuses more on relationships for this are the foundation in building you blogging career. You've got to know a lot of persons. To maintain goodwill relationships you must have the right attitude and be professional at all times.

I think my most favorite part on the event is when he grouped us to 10 individuals and let us share each other thoughts on what our first blog we first created, the last blog we created, what are the commonly blogs topic we wrote and what are the blogs we uses.

Picture below is the group where I belong.

I have learned enough knowledge that I may used in starting my blogging career. It was awesome to know that a blogger has to face a lot of issues just like other writers and reporters.

Celebrity bloggers like Joseph Cham told us how he started as a model then started to learn photography and afterwards started to do blogging. He let us see different blogs he created.
I remember the one questions asked by one of the blogger, “Do you want to create joint blog account?”. Thought quite personal, Joseph Cham answered it honestly that he won't. He has this experience before from his ex-girlfriend and it's not good idea since your topic will be limited. You won't have enough freedom in writing plus your blog may not be kept when you break up. Your blogs will not be keep forever, so unless you are destined with your partner it is not advisable to do these.
 From a new blogger perspective, I agree to that.You have to show your own uniqueness and style in blogging.

I also learned from Sai Montes, an accidental blogger, about how to use blogging as an E-Commerce and use social media for entrepreneurship. She said that we have to do business plan, what are the products we might sell online, how will we do this and know our customers wants and needs. We must also know that are going to used this business online as a job or for an additional income. She also tell us that we have to post consistent information and scheduled it from Monday-Sunday. Sai Montes is a make-up artist and a Sales & Marketing Executive at INGLOT Philippines.

Janette Toral of Digital Filipino hosted the event. They gave us voucher from Tony and Jackey for a free Keratin Treatment. For snacks during the event we have tapa rice from Rufo's. We take a group picture and greeted everyone as we wave our good-bye to each other.