Did you know that taking a KIT KAT Break can unlock hidden skills in you that make it seem like you can break the impossible?


So, if you were given a chance to unlock the following skills:

a. Type faster and flawlessly.
b. Never forget any detail.
c. Create awesome presentation decks.
d. Multitask at any given time.

Why would you want to unlock such skills?
Multitask at any given time.
If you are a do-it-all person who have tasks assigned more than our capability, it would be a stressful thing. We may do our work but it won't end up as good as we expect them to be. Our immediate superior would not be happy and we will not be trusted anymore on this jobs. How will we get the promotion we wanted for so long? We need miracles to do all this tasks immediately to impress our boss. So when you feel tired and helpless, it's time to take a break and have a Kitkat. There is nothing more rewarding than chocolates and wafers. Feel like young isn't it? But then, it will help you boost your energy for a more efficient you...

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