Macau, Macau

Amidst the busy city of Mainland China, is the historic land of Macau.
The moment I step on this charming city, I felt that I go back to the Renaissance period of Spaniard colony. A lot of foreigners from different country
entered in their immigration port. We followed the long line of visitors and waited for at least an hour to pass the immigration.

From Central, Hongkong, we ride an economy class Turbo Jet Ferry. I said economy, but looking to the adorned flooring and spacious legged chair room, I can say, this is the exact definition of a business class accommodation. 

While waiting for some people to go on board, I kept myself busy by reading the magazine I found in the back of reclining seat in front of me. 

Our first stop is the Venetian hotel. I feel grateful I entered one of luxurious hotel in Macau. I thought that this was private and only upper class people can go to this hotel but surprisingly it is open to visitors.

Since we came during Christmas season, we  have seen fabulous and rustic Christmas decor along the hotel. As we walk around the hotel lobby we've seen luxury branded store along the hotel wings. We watch a special Christmas presentation played mostly by Filipinos. Looking at their faces and gaze as they smiling captivated on our cameras. 

The sight of the play where an angel looking sadly on the floor You can also see the wide range of stores along the Venetian hotel lobby.