The Longest Travel I Have Experienced

My friends and I decided to take a trip to the Bicol region. We've been to different beaches  in the country, but we never heard of this island until one of the ideal game show in the U.S. which is "Survivor" held it in the island of the Philippines.

We went there in early May, so that we may enjoy the cool breeze of the late summer. We planned to stay there for 3 days. We travel a lot. Land travel is about 7 hours from Quezon City to Naga. Our bus depart from Cubao,Quezon City at around 9pm in the evening, Thursday. Buses to Naga scheduled only in the evening. We arrive almost 5am Friday at Naga Bus Terminal. From there, we ride a van, our Service to Sabang Port. The ride is about one hour. On our way, we can see the beautiful Mount Mayon, which is located in Albay. Mayon was about two hours drive from Naga.

We been afraid to travel on banca since it was raining heavily that morning. Dark clouds covering the Sabang Port. Slowly the rain stop.

At first i was hesitant to ride, we might get overload but then the next trip is after 2 hours. I just prayed for a good weather. It is almost 7am when the banca takes off from the shore. We enjoy the beautiful scenery. The sun is rising slowly as it appears brightly in the sky.
We arrive at the Caramoan Guijalo Port at 9am in the morning, from there we ride a tricyle for 30 minutes to where we will going to stay. We chose to stay along the Kabayanan so that we our near to market and other establishments.