Sweet Endings with My Cadbury Barkada

Who knows that was the last class am going to teach ORACLE SQL Subject?
Because of my sweet and thoughtful students, how can I not love teaching.

This picture is taken way back 2011, oh that is exactly 3 years ago, not to mention the skinny body and the gloomy tired eyes of mine. This almost resembles my younger days where eating is not a habit. By  that time all I did is to just talk and talk and talk., work, and work.

That day to remember, was a week away from the end of the class. By the way, classes on a trimester basis usually start in the month of May, preferably 3rd week of the month and ends in September. On that day I entered the room,I surprisingly found this Cadbury chocolate in my table. I assume that one of my student put this on my table. This Cadbury chocolate image was taken on my bed. (Well you can imagine by that time Instagram is not yet available nor trendy, I've already taken picture of food, which is now known as #FoodPorn)

Again, i managed to control my hunger to brought it at home instead of eating it during my break. I just love the thought that it was given to me so it was special and I really wanted to treasure it. But then of course, its the yummiest chocolate ever for me so the moment I took a picture of it as a souvenir I abruptly open it and eat.

After a year, I learned that this was given by my student who have a crush on me. I assumed someone else so it was funny because im thanking the other person. Lesson learned is to ask first before taking anytime. Anyway, you'll understand that i really don't have to ask since its really awkward to accept anything from the class. You know our society when it comes to "Sipsip" thing and any idea related to it.

Class picture in the last day of my class  while having fun and enjoying the Cadbury Dairy Milk on #CadburySweetEndings.