20 Ways You Can Be The Best Friend Ever

There goes a proverb that "A friend love at all times, and a brother is born for adversity." As often as we could, we need a friend who would always stand by to us no matter what we are going through. We've been searching true friends out of all the people we encountered since we are young. Friends do come and go so we are very careful to know the person we want to spend our time with. And so, I have come to this particular list that no matter how shallow and easy it may seems, still it plays a big part on our life. A friend who will be there for us touch our soul and heart.

 1. Visit you when you are sick? Never assume. She would'nt go to your house to bring you flowers and fruits but instead call you or text you blowing this words, "GET WELL SOON GIRL! We are going to missed this great movie and this shoe sale we've been scouting for so long." Or she might post on your facebook wall telling you get well and take care even though she does'nt mean it some times. So you have no choice you have a little fever, you just drink your medicine and join them afterwards.

 2. Go to your house on your birthday. No they won't try. Unless if you are going to treat them on this trendy luxury buffet or good fine dine-in restaurant with your gorgeous girlfriends.

3. Bring snacks and share it with you. Her mom just cooked for your family and since you are officemates too, she packed this lunch and let it shared with you. But don't mind if she is going to tell you to heat it in the microwave. No you don't mind because you are going to eat all these food in the first place.

 4. Tell them when they are ugly and wasted. You and her meet on this birthday event of your friend and hell, yes you mentioned how wrong way she wear that dress and heels. The lifeless face of her for not even wearing any make up and the dull hair that is as dry as her skin.

5. Listens to them no matter how busy I am. There it goes your dramatic talk whether on this boy you care about or this man you hate so much.They are the first one we unhesitantly shared what we are going through on this area of our life. Of course, lovelife.

6. Ask for a treat since you have a new work and she heard you are getting big pay for that. Few days before you get your first pay on this company, your friend will remind you to get her a treat and celebrate for your achievement. Even you know on your self that you are starting either on your new work and needs to adjust, but since she will keep on asking, you cannot say no either.

7. Call on your office hours asking for favors like fixing her network problem. You are the only IT person she know and and you both know that she cannot fix the network problem on his laptop alone.She ask you to fix this for her and she's begging. Instantly you will be a technical support on the spot, you will stop what you're doing and give her instructions step by step.

 8. Give her a back ride. You have a busy schedule but since she asked you to drop her on this location, even if it is miles away from your destination, you are going to do this, for the sake of friendship of course.

9. She is going to attend this party. She has no dress and the saddest part is she has no budget to buy a new one. You have this dress you only wear once. You are going to lend it to her and this friend of yours will like this red silky long dress and she will not bring it back to you. She might say that she can have your dress since it would not match on your body anymore since you not skinny anymore.

10. Borrowed them money when they badly needed. She like this blouse so much and she wanted to buy that dress the moment she laid her eyes on this. You are with her on a shopping. She turn to you and ask for this little favor to allow her to borrow your money and you said yes after thinking for a while.

 11. Bake cookies and bring them to their home. As sweet as you can be, you have this effort to brought them your goodies.

 12. Take your friend to the hospital on emergency. She experiencing some pain on her stomach. She has a high fever and she is vomiting. There are no one else with you. You called a taxi and take your friend to the nearest hospital as possible. You stay there for a while until one of her family arrives.

13. Tell her she had a bad boyfriend. She's been inlove with this outrageous guy but in the end he only gave a hurtache to your friend. You advice her to break up with him and move on.

 14. You introduce a new guy friend. Since she just break up, you encourage her to meet new friend. You bring her on a party and introduce her your new hot guy friend.

15. You give her a cellphone load. She rans out of cellphone load.It is important that she sends a message to her boss. She is in a secluded area where she cannot load her mobile phone. She text you and ask for it. Her work is at risk so you have no choice but to give her a share-a-load.

 16. Share your sunblock lotion. You are on an outing and she don't bring her sunscreen protection lotion. You just let her used what you bring and hey even if you don't offer she will ask for it and get it herself on your belongings.

 17. Braid her hair. You know girls just wanna have fun. You are on the middle of the sun bathing. You get tatooed and next thing on your mind is braid your hair the prettiest possible it could be.

18. Go with her in the grocery. It's Saturday afternoon. You have nothing to do. She ask you to join her in the grocery. In the end, you bought a lot more than what she does. You hit the store at 4pm and ends at almost 6pm. You get hungry and take the dinne. Bought some rice toppings and a refreshing drink.You also pay for this.

19. She sells new bags and you need to buy one. She has an online business. She asked you to take a look on her items and since she is your friend. You help her on sell and the first thing you can do is buy her product even though you don't like the style that much.

20. “A real friend calls”. “With GoUnli20, it’s now easy to call without a need for a prefix and it’s just P20 for unli calls, 15mb of mobile surfing, and 20 texts to all networks! Kaya if you need a friend, don’t call me, I’ll call you!”