Singapore's Garden City

Singapore is known as one of the most improved cities in Southeast Asia. But Singapore is not only known for its latest technology whether in infrastructure and engineering but also known from its transformation to ecological development to a greener city. Its geographic location on the map is located in the Southern tip of Malayan Peninsula. The city is comprises of main island and little islands located around them like Sentosa.

I like the view of the city from the plane. Green trees can be sited above. While we are approaching the Changi International Airport, we can see tall buildings with almost same height and structure.  When we arrived, I have learned that these buildings are condo type unit used for local residences. We landed on Changi Terminal 2. I find it serene and peaceful. There are walkalators everywhere and the design used is modern with a touch of Chinese culture from its flooring and walling decorations. I also noticed that there is a vast display of ornamental plants that adds to the greener and light environment in the airport.